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Java Training

Java Training Courses in Kalyan & Thane

The iFuture Technologies Institute is a thoughtfully tailored program designed to give you industry-leading knowledge in Java and IT programs. Our Java programming classes offer the best value and expertise in India. Our locations in Kalyan and Thane offer a variety of Java classes.

Each of our courses was developed by a certified, licensed professional. Read on to hear more about our #1 recommended course, Java training.

Java Training

Java is one of the most used coding languages. It is essential in today’s virtual world, which is why iFuture Technologies Institute offers Java courses in Kalyan & Thane for all levels of learning. Javascript runs on client computers and is one of the most accessible coding languages. iFuture Technologies has dedicated, knowledgeable staff available to help every step of the way in learning extremely useful Java basics and advanced principles.

Java programming can be used for:

  • Android apps
  • Mobile games
  • Financial apps
  • Website design and development

There are many more opportunities to advance your career once you learn the skills to use Java code successfully. This course will give you an overview on the Java basics before going into detail about Java programming and techniques.

Our Java Training is one of the most essential courses, offering classes in:

  • SE7 Fundamentals
  • Creating and Using Arrays
  • Using Loop Constructs
  • Methods and Methods Overloading
  • Java SE7 Programming
  • Java Syntax

Our beginning Java courses give you the foundation to begin a career as a Java or software developer. Entry-level positions are looking for experience with app development and coding. Our more advanced courses in Java EE, Java Servers, Hibernate, Spring AOP prepare you for the technical requirements of a developer position. Whether you’re interested in entry-level careers in Java programming, or you are ready to take your career to the next level, iFuture Technologies can assist you with your professional goals.

Core Java Programming

Course Name
Java SE7 Fundamentals
Java SE7 Fundamentals
Creating and Using Arrays
Using Loop Constructs
Working with Methods and Method Overloading
Java SE7 Programming
Java Platform Overview
Java Syntax and Class Review

Advanced Java

Course Name
Introduction to Java EE
Java Servlet I
Java Servlet II
Java Server Pages
Introduction to Hibernate
Hibernate Queries and Relationships
Introduction to Spring
Spring AOP
Spring JDBC and Spring Hibernate
Spring MVC
SOA and Web Services


Our courses will prepare you for many different career paths. With our iFuture Technologies IT courses, you can pursue a career as an app developer, code developer, web designer, software developer, and much more. These careers are in demand due to our increasingly virtual world. There are over two thousand job openings for Java developers in Thane. Many of these openings are for large, global companies like J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Morgan Stanley, etc. These are highly rated companies that offer stable career opportunities.

Average Salaries

The average salary of an entry level software developer in Thanes, is 444k rupees. This salary goes up significantly when you reach a mid-level career, with top earners reaching 1.1 M rupees per year. Many people are looking for new opportunities in Java, as it allows a comfortable salary, remote work schedule, and flexibility to advance your career.

You may be wondering if the Java course is right for you. The Java course is designed for:

  • Aspiring programmers
  • Software and app developers
  • Students
  • Entry-level professionals
  • Mid-career professionals
  • Programmers

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