Full Stack Developer Course

Full Stack Developer:


WebDesign with HTML, CSS and JAVA SCRIPT

  • CSS3
  • Overview of HTML and CSS
  • Creating and Styling HTML Pages
  • HTML Hidden Fields – Password,Reset,Submit,Checkboxes
  • More HTML Controls Radio,Select,Hidden
  • Fields,Upload,Textarea
  • Special Tags (Body,Meta,Style,Div,Layouts,Frames)
  • Formatting Tags (Bold,Paragraphs,Headings etc.)
  • CSS Styling (Styling Backgrounds,Text,Fonts,Links,Lists,Tables)
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Decision making statment If,If..Else,Switch
  • While,Do/while
  • For Loop
  • Creating Forms to Collect and Validate User Input
  • Creating Objects and Methods by Using JavaScript
  • Creating Interactive Page by Using HTML 5 APls
  • Adding Offline Support to Web Applications
  • Implementing an Adaptive User Interface
  • Creating Advanced Graphics
  • Animating the User Interface
  • Implementing Real –time Communication by Using
  • Web Sockets
  • Performing Background Processing by Using web Workers
  • Styling HTML 5 by using CSS3<article>,<aside>,<figcaption>,<figure>,<footer>,
  • More controls
  • <header>,,<nav><progress>,<section>,<summary>,<time> etc
  • HTML5 Form Attributes
  • (autocomplete,autofocus,form,formaction,formenctype)
  • More attributes (formmethod,formnovalidate,formtarget,height
  • and width,list,min and max

Mongo DB

  • MongoDB introduction
  • No sql structure
  • Installing MongoDB on windows/Mac
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • MongoDB in robo 3T
  • Generating Mongo script
  • How to use mongoose with node.js
  • CRUD Operation in Mongodb using Shell Command
  • Aggregation functions on documents in MongoDB collections
  • Projection (project) and Lookup in MongoDB collections
  • sort, skip and limit records in MongoDB collections
  • Indexes in MongoDB collections
  • Data Models,Schema Validation in MongoDB collections
  • Restore MongoDB Database Backup
  • Introduction to Express JS
  • Node to MongoDB integration using javascript
  • Display Database Records using Express JS View Engine
  • Insert to Mongodb Database Using HTML Form
  • Filter Records from Database Using HTMLbootstrap Form
  • Update , Delete Record using express js and Mongoose js
  • CURD operation success alert using express js and Mongoose
  • js
  • Autocomplete search on textbox in nodejs
  • How to connect to MongoDB Atlas using Mongoose and
  • NodeJS
  • Session Authentication in Express
  • Creating an application based on MERN stack
  • What is MERN
  • Software installation required for MERN Stack
  • Hands on Postman, VS code, Studio 3T,Git, Mongo DB Atlas


  • Installing Node.js and Visual Studio
  • What is Node.js?
  • Why Should I Use Node.js?
  • Your First Node.js Script
  • Node.js Module System
  • Node.js Core Modules, Custom file,NPM Module
  • File System and Command Line Args
  • Getting Input from Users
  • Argument Parsing with Yargs
  • Storing Data with JSON
  • Adding/Removing a Note
  • ES6 Aside: Arrow Functions
  • Reading/Debugging a Note
  • Debugging Node.js
  • Call Stack, Callback Queue, and Event Loop
  • Making HTTP Requests/Handling Errors
  • The Callback Function
  • ES6 Aside: Object Property Shorthand and Destructuring
  • Web Servers
  • Serving up CSS, JS, Images, and More
  • Dynamic Pages with Templating
  • Customizing the Views Directory
  • Advanced Templating
  • Styling the Application
  • Accessing API from Browser
  • The Query String
  • Building a JSON HTTP Endpoint
  • Browser HTTP Requests with Fetch
  • Creating a Search Form
  • Wiring up the User Interface
  • Application Deployment
  • Setting up SSH Keys
  • MongoDB and NoSQL Databases
  • Installing Database GUI Viewer
  • Connecting and Inserting Documents
  • CRUD Operation
  • REST APIs and Mongoose
  • Setting up Mongoose
  • Creating a Mongoose Model
  • Data Validation and Sanitization
  • Installing Postman
  • Resource Creation Endpoints
  • Integrating Async/Await
  • API Authentication and Security
  • Securely Storing Passwords
  • Securely Storing Passwords: Part II
  • Logging in Users
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • Generating Authentication Token
  • Logging Out
  • Hiding Private Data
  • File Uploads
  • Adding Support for File Uploads/Validation
  • Auto-Cropping and Image Formatting
  • Sending Emails
  • Jest Testing Framework
  • Writing Tests and Assertions
  • Creating the Chat App Project
  • Sharing Your Location
  • Event Acknowledgements
  • Form and Button States
  • Rendering Messages
  • Styling the Chat App
  • Join Page
  • Storing Users
  • Tracking Users Joining and Leaving
  • Sending Messages to Rooms
  • Deploying the Chat Application

React JS

  • What is React Environment
  • Installing Visual Studio
  • Installing Node.js & Yarn
  • Setting up a Web Server
  • JSX Expressions
  • Conditional Rendering in JSX
  • ES6 Aside const and let
  • ES6 Aside Arrow Functions
  • Events and Attributes,Manual Data Binding
  • Forms and Events,Method binding
  • React Components : Class Component,Nesting Components
  • What Is Component State
  • Adding State to Counter App Part
  • Alternative setState Syntax
  • Props vs. State
  • Introduction to stateless functional components
  • Default Prop Values
  • Removing Individual Options
  • Saving and Loading the Count
  • What is WebPack and Configuration?
  • ES6 importexport
  • Importing npm Modules
  • Setting up Babel with Webpack
  • One Component per File
  • Source Maps with Webpack
  • Webpack Dev Server
  • Passing Children to Component
  • Setting up React-Modal
  • Refactoring Other Stateless Functional Components
  • Setting up Webpack with SCSS
  • Architecture and Header Styles
  • Reset That $#!
  • Styling React-Modal
  • Mobile Considerations
  • Create Favicon
  • Introduction to React-Router
  • Server vs. Client Routing
  • Setting Up Budget App
  • React-Router 101, 404
  • Linking Between Routes
  • Organizing Our Routes
  • Query Strings and URL Parameters
  • Build It Router for Portfolio Site
  • Introduction to Redux & why it is required
  • Setting up Redux
  • Dispatching Actions
  • Subscribing and Dynamic Actions
  • ES6 Object/Array Destructuring
  • Refactoring and Organizing Reducers
  • Working with Multiple Reducers
  • ES6 Spread Operator in Reducers
  • Spreading Objects
  • Wrapping up Our Reducers
  • Filtering Redux Data
  • Sorting Redux Data
  • Intro Connecting React and Redux
  • Organizing Redux
  • Connecting Store and Component with React
  • Rendering Individual Expenses
  • Controlled Inputs for Filters
  • Creating Expense AddEdit Form
  • Setting up a Date Picker
  • Wiring up Add Expense
  • Wiring up Edit Expense
  • Redux Dev Tools
  • Adding Styles to Templates
  • Filtering by Dates
  • Intro Testing React Components
  • Expenses Action Generators
  • Filters Action Generators
  • Expenses Selector
  • Filters Reducer
  • Expenses Reducer
  • Snapshot Testing
  • Snapshot Testing with Dynamic Components
  • Mocking Libraries with Jest
  • Testing User Interaction

Microsoft SQL

  • Introdcution of RDBMS and MSSQL server architecture
  • What is normalization
  • Creating Tables and Enforcing Constraints
  • Join and its types
  • Parallel processing using outerapply & cross apply
  • Aggregate function in SQL
  • Rank,Denserank,rownumber, partition by, group by clause
  • example
  • View creation and its purpose (updatable Vs Non updatable)
  • Creating stored procedure
  • Creating custom function (scalar / table valued)
  • Function vs Storedprocedure
  • Types of Table in SQL server (Temporary table/ Persistant
  • table)
  • Custom type in SQL
  • Trigger and its types
  • Indexes in SQL and its advantage and limitation
  • Creating user and managing its rights
  • CRUD operation command in SQL from UI and query
  • Creating Database backup, restore, generating DB script
  • Querying Full –Text Data
  • Creating Tables and Enforcing Data Integrity
  • Implementing Transactions, Error Handling and
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Designing and Implementing T-SQL Routines
  • Using Tools to Analyze Query Performance

Advance C# and Multi threading

  • Introduction to Object Oriented programming C#
  • Reading/writing to a console
  • Datatypes and Data operation,Datatype Casting
  • Arrays,Comments Nullable Types
  • Providing Summary and Code refactoring
  • Decision making statement IF, If..Else, Switch
  • iteration in C# for,foreah,while,do..while
  • Class – Introduction
  • Static & Instance members
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Method overriding Vs hiding
  • Method overloading
  • Interfaces
  • Explicit interface implementation
  • Abstract Classes Vs Interfaces
  • Diamond Problem
  • Multiple inheritance
  • Delegates and its types
  • Exception Handling
  • Why Enums
  • Access Modifiers
  • Attributes
  • Reflection
  • Generics
  • Generic Collections
  • Difference between Convert.ToString() and ToString() method
  • Difference between string and stringbuilder
  • Partial classes and Methods in C#
  • Indexers in c#
  • Making method parameters optional using method overloading
  • What is dictionary in c#
  • List collection class in c#
  • Dictionary vs Hashtable
  • Multithreading in C#
  • Difference between Monitor and lock in C#
  • Performance of a multithreaded program
  • Lambda expression in c#
  • Async and await in c#
  • Task Parallel library
  • Task.parallel vs Task.Factor


  • What is ADO.NET
  • SQLConnection Object
  • Connection Strings & Web.Config
  • SqlCommand in ADO.NET
  • SQL Injection Attack
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Calling a Stored Procedure with Output Parameters
  • Strongly typed datasets
  • SqlDataReader in ADO.NET
  • Sql DataReader object’s NextResult() method
  • Sql DataAdapter in ADO.NET
  • Data Set in asp.net
  • Caching Data Set in asp.net
  • Bulk Insert / Update


  • What is Python? Why so popular
  • Advantage of python application
  • Download and install python environment
  • Installing other python packages
  • Keywords in python
  • Taking input in python
  • Python end,Sep,Ouput formatting
  • Python Operators
  • Ternary operators
  • Any,all keyword in python with collection
  • “==” vs Is operator in python
  • Python membership and Identity operators
  • Datatypes in Python
  • Collection in python like list,tuple,sets,dictionary and arrays
  • Decision making statement in python like if..else
  • Loops in python using for,while
  • break vs continue in python, pass keyword
  • Function in python
  • Python lambda expression
  • Decorators in python
  • Object oriented programming with python
  • Python class and objects
  • Constructors and desctructors in python
  • 4 Pillers of Object oriented programming in python
  • Inheritence
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Static method vs class method
  • Static variable vs Class variables
  • File Handling in python
  • How to read and write to a file using python
  • Python regex library
  • Python CSV
  • Writing,reading with CSV files
  • Python Exception handling
  • Python try..except
  • Built in exception in python
  • Custom exceptions in python
  • Introduction to Django


  • Creating an App in Django
  • Application Development Process
  • Django architecture
  • Django Models & Fields
  • Creating Models in Djan
  • Migrations in Django
  • Adding Employees to Admin
  • Adding Available Jobs to Admin
  • Assigning Object Data to Names in Admin
  • Creating bootstrap enabled responsive webpage
  • Creating SQL Database instance and connect with Django
  • application
  • How to call Stored procedure from Django application
  • User Authentication
  • Sending SMS in Django application
  • Working with Urls in Django
  • Applying Changes to Views
  • Output Data in HTML Templates
  • Adding Styles to Templates
  • Django application deployment
  • Django Conclusion

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