Tata Steel BSL Limited Case Study


In 2018, Tata Steel acquired Tata Steel BSL Limited (formerly known as Bhushan Steel Limited) through its wholly owned subsidiary.

Tata Steel BSL Ltd is one of the prominent players in the Indian Steel industry. Backed with more than 27 years of experience, are now India’s 3rd largest Secondary Steel Producing Company with an existing steel production capacity of 5.6 million ton per annum.

Being amongst the prime movers of the technological revolution in Indian Cold Rolled Steel Industry, Tata Steel BSL has emerged as the country’s largest and the only Cold Rolled Steel Plant with an independent line for manufacturing Cold Rolled Coil and Sheet up to a width of 1700mm. Along with this, also have a Galvanized Coil and Sheet line up to a width of 1350 mm.


The Challenge

TATA Steels BSL Ltd was desperate to improve its Team Corporate Etiquette’s & Professional etiquette’s .

TATA Steels BSL Ltd wanted their Team members to train them in Professional behaviour which helps build strong relationships among management, staff and clients because proper etiquette entails honest and fair dealings with everyone.


iFuture Technologies Pvt Ltd., understood that as in Today’s Corporate Structure, etiquette serves several important functions. Etiquette provides personal security. Knowing how to behave appropriately in a given situation makes you more comfortable.

Corporate Etiquette refers to set of rules an individual must follow while the employee is at work.

Professional etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct regarding the interactions among the members in a business setting. iFuture Technologies Pvt Ltd conducted training on ‘Corporate Etiquette’ at Tata Steel BSL Ltd for Managers from different departments. The training covered important topics like Power of the First impression, Dressing and Grooming, Behaviour and Body Language, Communication, Presentation and Etiquette.

Business Impact

iFuture Technologies Pvt Ltd., helped to improve TATA Steels BSL Ltd Team & staff Professional Skills.

It also helped TATA Steels BSL Ltd Improves internal and external customer relations and also it provided positive impact on workplace code of conduct.