Saint-Gobain India Private Limited - Glass Business (formerly Saint-Gobain Glass India Limited) is a subsidiary of Saint Gobain that manufactures and markets solar control glass, fire resistant glass and other various types of float glasses in India.

Saint-Gobain started its venture in India in 1996 by acquiring a majority stake of Grindwell Norton. Later in 2000 it started its own glass manufacturing unit at Sriperumbudur. In June 2011, Saint Gobain Glass India acquired Sezal Glass float-line business, based in the state of Gujarat, India. The acquisition adds about 550 tons per day additional capacity, and the deal was inked at around US$150 million. In addition to that, Saint-Gobain Glass invested in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan on 2014 which adds another 950 tons of glass per day. And recently in 2018, Saint-Gobain again invested in Sriperumbudur with 950 ton capacity, which results in production of 3850 tons of glass per day from India.

The Challenge

Saint-Gobain IT team required to Protecting credentials and privileged access in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Also Saint-Gobain IT team wanted to fine tune Privileged Access Management and administrative forests in Microsoft Windows Server 2016 .

They were worried about Securing application development and server-workload infrastructure and Using firewalls to control network traffic flow in secured Network Microsoft Windows Server 2016 .


iFuture Technologies Pvt Ltd., introduced Microsoft Windows Server 2016 privileged access management (PAM) feature to assist in safeguarding AD DS from credential theft attacks. Examples of such types of attacks include spear phishing and pass-the-hash. With the Azure Active Directory Join feature Microsoft Windows Server 2016 deployment of identity management tasks to the cloud and benefit from centralised management for Saint-Gobain corporate Network.

The main objective of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Azure Active Directory Join was to offer the advantages of an on-premise Active Directory environment without much hassles to the users.

Business Impact

iFuture Technologies provided guidance to Saint Gobain corporate Network and Server Team in understanding Windows Server 2016 hundreds of new and enhanced features to improve overall performance and to improve security also.

iFuture Technologies also introduced to one of the most useful new Active Directory feature that supports temporary group membership. This feature allowed Saint Gobain administrators to add a user to a security group for a limited amount of time. An administrator might, for example, make a user a member of a group for just long enough to install an application or to complete a particular project.

Another important change that Microsoft made with regard to AD FS is support for LDAP v3. This new capability will make it much easier to federate denies across multiple directory types.

iFuture Technologies also helped Saint Gobain IT Team with licensing issues , maintaining active directory health , creating an inventory, active directory federation service , active directory integrity and restructuring the active directory.